About us

ALKONE was founded in 2010 as a purely Czech company in Prague, and from the beginning, it has mainly focused on the distribution of alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages and wine.

The company has the latest and most modern logistic technologies in the field, and it responds quickly to the needs and developments of the market. The products distributed by the company are characterized by a good balance of quality and fair pricing.

It is crucial that the company uses the most modern procedures and technologies to emphasize the best possible distribution results.

We are directly connected with manufacturers whose production lines are fully automated and meet all certifications. Therefore, ALKONE represents the leading European manufacturers on the Czech market who have the same philosophy and whose products reach the highest quality standards in the given category. Although ALKONE is a relatively young company, the team consists of people with years of experience in the field. They work, they innovate, they improve. All this fulfills them.


ALKONE values


ALKONE is a company with branches throughout Central Europe, requiring values based on collective responsibility measures to be applied in every branch. ALKONE represents several manufacturers and distributors not only on the Czech market.

Long-term commercial success achievements contribute to staying competitive, which contributes to gaining new contracts and providing reassurance for employees. ALKONE successfully copes with the social responsibility of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage producers.


ALKONE is an international beverage company focusing on sparkling and semi-sparkling wines. They are proud to have branches in many countries across Central Europe and export more than 10,000 bottles a day. The highest quality standards, precise artistry and skilled experts have made ALKONE a new leader in the alcoholic beverage market.


ALKONE is a company focused on long-term growth and success. As a unique company with a branded consumer product, it is constantly innovating and developing brands for continued success to its maximum in the Central European Market.


Our basics

One of the constant challenges facing ALKONE is the need to maintain modern brand management and ensure the highest quality standards of production of our products.

Our employees work throughout Central Europe. Every individual in society has the same common goal, namely to be passionate about the idea of bringing pleasure, fascination and pure joy to work which is done across Europe.

Although more than 10 years have passed since the first import, the basic concept has remained unchanged, despite many changes in the company’s development.

Export, import, and own production have always been one of our main pillars, on which the company bases itself. The Czech Republic was the place where it all began. Thanks to a strong growth trend, they are currently exporting to a number of countries across Europe.

Alkone sklad


Main role

ALKONE is responsible for all export trade and logistics throughout Central Europe. Therefore, not only marketing responsibilities but the entire product portfolio and customs segment lie under the responsibilities. Thanks to these activities, ALKONE covers all areas necessary for the creation and export of individual products.

A common understanding of the company values and relationships based on fairness forms the basis for our successful future. We want to ensure that our procedures meet the highest standards and regularly check and use efficient processes by emphasizing quality. Furthermore, we appeal to business success, on which we build commercial success for the development of brands and sustainable quality of products and production of our range.

Finally, the correctness of relationships and good communication are essential to us, which is key to the success of our products and long-term and trustworthy cooperation.

Our portfolio of alcoholic beverages represents pleasure, but it is also important to be aware of the health risks of excessive consumption. We actively support measures that point to responsible and prudent alcohol use and compliance.



ALKONE exports more than 150 products to countries throughout Central Europe and represents several companies throughout Central Europe. Take a closer look at ALKONE across Europe.

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Private production

ALKONE is also unique for its possibilities and services. The services provided relate to private production and the complete creation of a private label based on individual requirements. ALKONE can provide customized size, weight, composition, quantity, packaging, and design in a wide range of types and individualizations. We solve everything flexibly and individually at the clients’ request.

Private production guaranteed by ALKONE also includes contract production. Within the contract production, we offer a complete service from creating a product line according to customer requirements to final product requirements. This includes taking over information and product requirements, creating samples and approving samples to produce the final products.

For serial production, we ensure the purchase of raw materials and packaging materials and additional machinery if needed for the product. All products are produced with an emphasis on quality, economical production and environmental impact. We will deliver the final product made with care to the specified place of delivery.

Environmental responsibility is an important article in the company’s philosophy.

ALKONE uses environmentally friendly production facilities and business practices that contribute to the sustainability of human resources and the environment. As a European company, ALKONE is aware of its market position and its responsibility to the environment and future generations. We have built the fundamental pillars of society to conserve natural resources and are constantly striving to reduce our environmental footprint. ALKONE raises awareness among its team about their green initiatives and motivates them to act in favour of the environment. All employees on the premises of our company are obliged to comply with environmental standards, which are visible by the company’s transparency. These transparent environmental targets are available on request. The company continues to plan investments that will lead to better management of resources and, at the same time, increase the quality of products and services.

Not only modernization of equipment, employee training, but also recycling is essential to us. The product life cycle is on our agenda every day. We produce large amounts of waste and therefore have to use modern sorting technologies and procedures to ensure recycling. We must protect the environment in all possible ways, which is why we at the company need the main processes to be very effective to detect the sources of weakness as fast as possible to achieve environmental standards. ALKONE immediately optimizes sources of liability based on effective controls and internal systems. ALKONE ensures responsible energy consumption in the production of products; a control systém is in place that guarantees improved energy management. We set strategic measures and are committed to the continuous improvement of energy management.


Founded in 2010. Creation of a small company focused on its brands.


Five new dominant brands were added to the portfolio.


New logistics HUB and distribution facility in the Czech Republic.


Expansion of the company into the Polish and Ukrainian Market.


Introduction of first products.


Entered the Slovak Market and recorded one of the largest export growth.


Development of new brands and expansion of the company portfolio.